Clinic Reopening Update

To our esteemed clients at Aqua Health Clinic,

Starting June 1st, we will be re-opening for in-clinic treatments. We are working to make changes that will allow for continued social distancing and ensure the health and safety of our clients, staff, and community. We know that it has been a difficult few months, but we would like to thank all that have been following the rules to social distance and have been staying at home.

Aqua Health Clinic will continue to offer video consultations for assessments and treatment progressions for those who feel more comfortable at home and would like to avoid the risk of public places.

Changes at Aqua Health Clinic

To maintain a social distance and continue to follow the Public Health guidelines, here are some of the changes we will be implementing in our clinic to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff members.

  • Therapist Schedules and AppointmentsThere will be fewer therapists working at a time in the clinic. ○ Appointments will now also be solely one-on-one for each person.

  • Protective EquipmentAll staff will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment.

Coming in for your Appointment

  • Upon arrival to the plaza for your appointment, please notify the clinic that you are here. Our staff will screen you over the phone or in person following the current provincial COVID-19 screening questions.

  • Your car, or the parking lot, will be your new waiting room.

  • When we are prepared and ready for your appointment, you will be brought directly to the treatment room which will be thoroughly disinfected.

  • When entering the clinic, you will be asked to disinfect your hands with sanitizer and to have your mask on before being brought in.

After your Session

  • At the end of your session, you may continue to complete your payment at the front desk.

  • We will also be accepting e-transfers.

  • Upon receiving your transaction, a copy of your receipt will be provided via the given email.


Your Aqua Health Team

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